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The Risky Business of Delivering Food | Delivering Food Accident Attorney

Delivering Food Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Delivering food at your doorstep services are basically a gift from heaven. It has become so easy and so affordable to order food which gets delivered to your doorstep within minutes. That people use these services without thinking much.

In fact, it has become so common that dozens of food delivery apps have become popular, including UberEats, GrubGrab and DoorDash. What’s funny is that there isn’t exactly a need for these apps. All of the restaurants listed on these apps have websites and contact numbers of their own that can be used to place orders. Yet, the convenience of having all these options in a single app makes people download and use these apps on a regular basis. This only goes on to show how dependent people have become on this service.

What people don’t realize is that they are risking the lives of numerous people by placing a single order. And nobody is actually keeping tabs on it.

Delivering food wage

The riders that are hired for these services are faced with intimidation, serious injury and in some cases. Even death so that they can deliver us our food.

The problem is that most of these riders are working on minimum wagers. And are basically expandable to the company as well as the government. Which is why the government isn’t keeping track of the lives that are endangered and even sacrificed for this food delivery business.

Since it is easy for all these food delivery apps to find people who are willing to work on minimum wages just to make ends meet. They don’t care about taking precautions either.

A few riders spoke to The News Daily anonymously and claimed that they were put at risk on the street as they felt under pressure to drive fast and break road rules.

This is because unlike traditional jobs, these riders aren’t paid a monthly salary. Instead, their income comes from the number of orders they are able to deliver per day. Basically the more food they deliver, the more money they take home.

So naturally, riders who are in dire need of money are ready to risk their lives. And break a few road rules to get some extra cash and makes ends meet.

Risk of car accidents

Another big risk these people face is that the business multiplies in dangerous situations. For instance, if there is heavy rain outside, people would rather order food and stay in instead of going out. What they don’t realize is that they are risking the lives of the food delivery riders who will arguably be more at risk since they’ll be riding a bike or a cycle on slippery roads.

The problem isn’t the rider itself, but the demand and supply of their service. Which makes their lives as well as the people on the road prone to danger.

So it is time that the government as well as the food delivery services start making drastic changes to how the system works in order to make this service safer and more fulfilling for riders.

Delivering food accident Lawyer | Attorney Javier Marcos

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