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5 Things to Do Right After an Automobile Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

Automobile Accident Attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Being through a car accident is a tough situation. It is better to have information about things that you should do right after an automobile accident. These will not only help you in building a solid case but will reduce any long-term damage to your health. These steps are an excellent practice to follow after an accident that involves other stakeholders.

1.    Gather Details of the Other Driver

It is crucial for you to get all the details of the driver of the other vehicle. These would include their name, where they live, and their insurance company. Most importantly, note their vehicle number. If you do not have this in the record, then the chances are that they will change their stance in the future or hide any details that could be beneficial to your case.

2.    Contact Witnesses

Get all the contact details of the witnesses at the site of the incident to strengthen your case. You might be unable to get hold of them if you have no means of contacting them. If the situation gets complicated and goes for a trial, then these people could help you. It is always better to have any law enforcement officer at the time of the incident because their word has more credibility than a regular citizen.

3.    Record Evidence

Keep a record of the damage is essential. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle or any other property. It again holds much value if you are trying to settle for higher compensation. The loss could be of your car, other property, or anything that has a monetary value in front of your eyes. If you choose to hire an attorney later, they can make good use of all this information.

4.    Go to the Doctor

Most of the injuries that you might get will not be evident to you. Therefore, it is essential for you to go to the doctor right after the accident. Conditions like whiplash and concussions show their presence after some time. Going to a doctor would mean that you identified them right away. It is more believable that your injuries are a result of the accident if you document them through your doctor reports.

5.    Hire a Automobile accident attorney

The next step is to call the attorney on board. It is someone who has a better understanding of the legal procedures. Despite having all the information above, your case could still be weak. It is a possibility if your insurance company presents a different narrative altogether. Your automobile accident attorney will use this information to your best interest. Through this way, you will be able to get decent compensation after your automobile accident.

It seems a lot right now, but it will save you a significant amount of time in the future. You will avoid several complications because you will have a record of everything. You would not have to fight your case on normative statements because you will have a ton of evidence to support your claim.

Automobile accident attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos

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