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Why 18 wheelers are more prone to accidents? | Attorney Javier Marcos

18 wheelers accident | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

More than 15 million trucks are operating on the roads all across the United States, of which 3.5 million are 18 wheelers. These commercial vehicles with the highest GVWR are the backbone of the countrywide supply chain of several commodities. Amid functional benefits, these heavy-duty vehicles are also involved in a large number of road mishaps. Adding insult to injury, their size and weight intensify the scale and gravity of the accident. There are several factors due to which 18 wheelers are more susceptible to road accidents.

Excessive, weary and non-stop driving

Many 18 wheelers drivers are burdened to meet delivery deadlines one after the other. This race against time forces them to drive non-stop without taking any rest.  Regardless of the type of vehicle, an exhausted and heavy-eyed driving is a recipe for a road accident. The chances and severity of accident increase manifold when this type of driving combines with 18 wheelers.

Disregard for minor traffic rules

Road safety is the function of traffic rules. This means road safety get exceedingly jeopardized when traffic rules are not followed.  Another interesting factor comes in to play when one has to follow traffic rules. There are some traffic rules violations, which are penalized and thus considered major. On the other hand, traffic rule violations such as speeding, failure to signal and tailgating are considered minor because they don’t usually get fined.

The disregard for ‘minor’ traffic rules is another reason why 18 wheelers often become a cause of road accidents.  For vehicles as big as 18 wheelers, there is no difference between major and minor traffic violations. For instance, a tailgating 18 wheeler driver won’t be able to avoid the collision if the driver in front applies emergency brakes.

18 wheelers are more vulnerable to jackknifing

Jackknifing is a skidding phenomenon in which the trailer slides sideways to take the shape of a folding pocket knife. Jackknifing usually happens when brakes are suddenly applied by the trailer truck drivers. Poor latching mechanism of the trailer with tractor part and bad road conditions also result in skidding of the trailer in sideways. Since 18 wheelers are fixed with large trailers, therefore they are more vulnerable to jackknifing. A moving 18 wheeler with an instantaneous jackknifing poses a significant threat to road safety.

Tire blowouts

Tire blowout, in general, is a dangerous thing to happen in a moving vehicle. The danger gets multiplied when this happens in an 18 wheeler. It becomes nearly impossible for the driver to control the truck in such cases. Moreover, 18 wheelers are more vulnerable to tire blowouts because of the load they carry.

Large blind spots

Due to their extra-large body, 18 wheelers have large blind spots. This means their drivers have to exercise extra caution to change the lane. Otherwise, a lane change accident becomes really imminent. Trying to get the right settlement for an accident that involved 18 wheelers? Get a lawyer with the experience of dealing in vehicular accidents on your legal counsel.

18 Wheelers Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

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