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What Can a Auto Accident Attorney Do For You? | Attorney Javier Marcos

What can a Auto Accident Attorney do for you | Attorney Javier Marcos

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatizing and confusing experience. This is the reason why it is important to have an experienced auto accident attorney like Javier Marcos by your side to help fight the case for you. Whether you have received minor or major injuries, get help. And you must restrict your interactions as whatever you say may be used against you by the insurance company or the other involved parties. You need to know what can a auto accident attorney do for you.

Your attorney will start the investigation to determine the at-fault party, establish a strong case for you. He will also help recover damages, get your vehicle repaired or compensated and settle the claim.

What can a Auto Accident Attorney Do for you?

Still not convinced? Here are more ways an auto accident attorney can assist you:

  • The attorney will help to recover the financial compensation you deserve for the losses and pain you suffered.
  • Along with the property damage, your lawyer will negotiate compensation for medical expenses and lost wages related to the accident.
  • In case of wrongful death, the attorney can recover damages if your family member lost their life due to an accident that involved speeding, reckless driving, or drunk driving.
  • An experienced lawyer knows how much damages must be recovered for property damage and personal injury, which is why they can negotiate value accordingly.
  • The attorney knows how to place pressure on the insurance company in order to smoothly and quickly move forward. Insurance companies tend to be manipulative and slow when it comes to paying. Your auto accident attorney can help you with this.
  • Your lawyer can go through the settlement offer and determine if it is a fair one or not.
  • The attorney knows which claim to file for, whether it is personal injury claim, property damage claim, or any other liabilities.
  • Your lawyer can also fight a car insurance denial claim for you.
  • A disputed claim can also be effectively negotiated by a lawyer.

Moreover, an auto accident attorney will guide you throughout the process. And help you with any confusion or query you may have regarding your case.

When you consult an attorney, they are most likely to ask you for a thorough account of the accident. If you have any pictures of the accident, talked to any witnesses, or have any other details, no matter how small it might seem to you, it is essential to share it with your attorney.

What can a auto accident attorney offer?  | Attorney Javier Marcos

Attorney Javier Marcos offers free consultations where you can discuss your case with him or the office. If you are satisfied by the way they guide you and provide assistance, you can hire them to fight your case. Hiring an injury attorney is the best decision you can make after an accident. A vigilant attorney will mold your case and make it stronger. Call Attorney Javier Marcos 24 hrs at 713.999.4444. We go to you and there is no payment unless we win the case.


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