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Distracted Driving: A Recipe for Road Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Road Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Any vehicle  needs the undivided attention of its driver. It is kind of tricky to maintain complete focus on driving while on road, particularly during long drives. However, that doesn’t change the fact that distracted driving is a recipe for road accidents. According to the statistics furnished by the CDC, every day the instances of distracted driving result in nine casualties and over 1,000 injuries.

Distracted driving simply means that the driver is indulging in other activities while at the wheel of a moving vehicle. Everyone, from DMV officials to personal injury lawyers, keeps on reiterating the perils of distracted driving. In this blog, we will also talk about this supposedly minor driving unruliness that is killing thousands of people every year.

Types of Distracted Driving

Experts generally classify distracted driving in three categories.


Visual distraction basically means that the driver takes his eyes off the road.


Manual distraction entails that the driver takes his hand(s) off the steering.


Cognitive distraction happens when the driver’s mind is preoccupied with other thoughts.

The underlying reasons behind distracted driving have changed through the years. Here, we will keep our focus on major present-day activities that lead to distracted driving.

Phone Calls

The use of cell phones is  part and parcel of modern life and many people don’t establish a protocol about situations where they will not use them. For instance, it is pretty common for drivers to take or even dial calls while at the wheel. Driving while talking on your phone is a physical distraction, but it can also lead to cognitive distraction as well. So, using wireless technology like a Bluetooth handsfree might not be an effective way of receiving calls while driving. It’s better to totally keep away from taking calls while on the wheel. If it’s necessary, park your vehicle, take the call and then start moving again.

A survey indicates that nearly 65% of drivers are guilty of taking phone calls while at the wheel. Ironically, more than 80% are well aware of the dangerous implications of this habit.

Use of Smartphone

As if calls were not dangerous enough, the prevalence of smartphone has increased the instances of the distracted driving manifold. A large number of young people regularly use the internet on their smart devices while driving. Using smartphone entails all three types of driving distractions i.e. one of your hands keeps on tapping the phone while your eyes also frequently get off of the road and cognitively you are also distracted by what you are seeing on the screen. Use of phone behind the wheel will cost you a ticket but more importantly, it can lead to an accident.

Apart from these two major distractions, eating, adjusting different vehicle controls, doing makeup, reaching under or behind the seat or engaging in any physical activity also entail distracted driving and can lead to a road accident. Refrain from such actions while driving and keep yourself and fellow travelers safe.

Road accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

f you’ve suffered road accidents, you have a right to file a lawsuit to recover your losses, medical expenses, treatment, pain & suffering, lost wages, inability to work or function, property damages, and others.

It’s important that you quickly call Attorney Javier Marcos & Associates so that you can commence your medical treatment, do not worsen your legal position, preserve evidence, and learn your rights.



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