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Road Accident Attorney | Why First Rain Is Dangerous for Road Safety?

Road Accident Attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

While first rain of the season has its own excitement, it doesn’t entail good prospects if you are moving on the asphalt. This is the reason why nearly every state experiences a spike in car accidents immediately after the first rain of the season. You can’t make rain go away, but you can certainly prepare your vehicle and yourself to avoid any road mishap following the first torrential spell. Road accident attorney Javier Marcos and the department of vehicles have identified some road safety dangers particularly associated with the first rain. Let’s have a look.

First Rain Makes Roads Extra Slippery

Wet roads are generally slippery. But when it rains after a long dry spell, it makes all the accumulated road oil and dirt to come up on the surface, making them extra slippery. It’s important to understand that oil and dirt don’t wash away after the first rain. This stealth combination badly affects the tire traction. As a result, the chances of skidding increases manifold at high speed braking on wet asphalt surfaces. Experts, therefore, recommend drivers to slow down cars 5-10 miles per hour during or after the first rain to ensure road safety.

First Rain of Winter

During the first rain of winter, there is another reason why roads become extra slippery. In case the rain occurs amid subzero temperatures, the precipitation falling as rain might turn into ice, making the road surface extra dicey.

Aquaplaning Can Occur

Aquaplaning is a phenomenon in which a moving car starts bumbling because a thin water coating develops in between the surface of road and tires. It is important to be firm at the wheel to neutralize the bumbling of the car. Reducing the speed can also decrease aquaplaning.

First Rain and High Winds

Many times, first seasonal rain is often accompanied with strong gust of winds. Apart from making roadside installments dangerous, high winds also affect the driving in multiple ways.

  • It disturbs the aerodynamics of the moving car which can muddle up the driver’s judgment.
  • Wind along with rain can decrease the road visibility, which is another underlying reason for many car accident
  • It makes handling the steering difficult. A lose hand on the steering at that point can be extremely dangerous for road safety.


Maintaining Road Safety During Rains

Road safety experts and road accident attorney advise people to be extra diligent in their driving after first rain of the season. Keep in mind that you can be held liable for a road accident even if rain is primarily responsible for it. Take care of these simple things while driving on rain-affected roads.

  • Make sure your windscreen wipers are in total working condition
  • Don’t put your vehicle on the cruise control
  • You must be in complete control of the car’s steering wheel

By ensuring road safety during rains through diligent driving, you can proactively rule out the chances of any car accident.

Road Accident Attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos

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