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Medical Negligence

medical negligence

What is medical negligence?

Our body is like a running car. We utilize it daily to do all kinds of physical activity throughout the day. After a while, just like a car it wears out and requires maintenance to bring it back to an appropriate state. For that matter, when we get sick the first thing we do is seek medical attention and expect to receive treatment that will bring us back to sanity. That is what we assume will be the outcome as we place our trust and faith in doctors and other health professionals. To some extent, we view these people as sacred individuals because they recuperate us and keep us from diseases.

Unfortunately, not all health professionals nor health facilities prioritize their patient and this leaves a gap for medical negligence. But what exactly is medical negligence? Medical negligence is the term used to describe medical malpractices that have caused injury or death. One of the main causes of medical malpractice is misdiagnosis. A person’s life is at risk when a doctor misdiagnoses a patient with the wrong medication. This can cause serious injury to the body and open the doors to newly illnesses that were not present. Doctors are also held reliable for misdiagnosis when they fail to diagnose a person with a certain condition that a patient could have treated with time.

Other forms of medical negligence include surgery errors. There are many victims who have been internally injured when having a surgery procedure. Because of carelessness, lack of knowledge, and failure to adhere to policies and procedures, doctors have punctured organs or even performed surgery on wrong body parts. Another common malpractice is when a doctor leaves medical equipment inside the body. In many cases this type of negligence has resulted in personal injuries such as anxiety, depression, and disability. Medical negligence is also defined as medical misconduct, whether it is by action or omission. Failing to obtain a patients consent for example, is another form of medical negligence. Before any major medical treatment like a surgery procedure, a patient must sign a consent that informs him or her of the medical plan. Within this document a person is more aware of the kind of treatment he or she will get, and has the opportunity to ask questions that will bring the patient to a more peaceful state of mind. Sadly, not all doctors adhere to this policy which is another of many serious medical errors that can jeopardize a doctor’s profession and have a negative impact on a person’s health.

Medical Negligence – Attorney Javier Marcos

People who have been victims of such injustice should take it to the next level and seek justice. Attorney Javier Marcos has been serving individuals who have been internally injured and affected for 15 years. Your well-being and financial security is our priority. Call the law offices of Javier Marcos today. Our bilingual staff will ensure that your matter is heard and taken care of as soon as possible at 713-999-4444.  Our office is open 24 hours, every day of the year. We all speak spanish and we are ready to help you in your case.



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