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What to Do if the Driver Escapes Accident? | Attorney Javier Marcos

Driver escapes accident | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

According to Texas Department of Transportation, in 2016, 3773 people died in a motor vehicle accident and 1 reportable crash occurred every 57 seconds. This article will talk about what to do if the guilty driver escapes accident.

In short, car accidents in Texas are very common. These accidents, sometimes result in financial losses, sometimes in the loss of precious human lives and at other times, bring injury related consequences with them.

Drivers, who are involved in a motor vehicle accident, tend to react negatively, often overtaken by the fear of being arrested, sometimes by the feeling of confusion, and sometimes even guilt. They escape from the scene of accident, leaving the victim in suffering.

For victims and witnesses, this particular reaction of the driver, leaves them asking:

What to do if the guilty driver escapes accident?

1. Make Sure Everyone is Safe

The first thing that you should do, if the guilty driver escapes accident, is to make sure that everyone, affected by the accident, is safe. If you are the victim and was travelling alone, ensure that you have not received any serious injuries. If you were travelling with a partner or a group, ensure their safety. And if, you are a witness to the accident, you should make sure that the victims are safe.

Where medical attention is needed, immediately call for emergency medical help.

2. Steer Your Vehicle to the Roadside

If the accident involved two vehicles, crashing with each other, steer the affected vehicle to the roadside to clear the roadway. This would remove any obstructions for the incoming traffic, that otherwise may cause inconvenience. If, it is not possible to steer away the damaged vehicle, install a sign ahead of the accident site, to inform the incoming traffic to proceed cautiously. For example, you can use light weight boulders.

3. Call the Police and Brief Them

Next, call the police. Wait for the law enforcing officials to arrive on the scene of accident. Meanwhile, inform a relative or a friend and brief them about what happened and what is your current location. When the law enforcement agents arrive on the scene, explain them in detail of how the accident happened.

4. Details of the car who escapes

If you remember any details about the vehicle (such as paint color, make, model) or the driver of the vehicle, share the information with the police. Provide any specific detail that you believe can help the police in identifying the driver.

For more extensive investigation, the police may check surveillance footage, that could be obtained from traffic light cameras or cameras installed at the facility of nearby businesses. If there are any witnesses, the law enforcing officials may choose to record their statement.

Once, the on-site investigation has been completed, if needed, secure a Police Officer’s Tow Slip, to get the damaged vehicle towed to a nearby workshop or your home, whichever is a more convenient option for you.

Wait for the police to complete their investigation. You have a pretty strong case to file a lawsuit against the driver, and you should exercise this right to be compensated for your loss, once the driver has been identified.

Driver escapes accident? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If the driver escapes accident, you will need help from an attorney. For any legal help, you can consult Attorney Javier Marcos & Associates, a leading Texas law firm that specializes in cases of personal injury and automotive accidents.  We offer free case evaluation to all our clients. And you can call us 24 hrs, our telephone is 713.999.4444.

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