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Common Tricks Car Insurance Companies Use to Deny or Reduce Your Compensation

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Many car insurance companies use various tricks to deny, diminish, or devalue your case, which drastically reduces the amount of compensation you rightfully deserve or you may end up getting nothing. This is the reason why it is important to be aware of those tricks so you can be prepared to fight for your claim and receive your compensation.

Here are some of the most common tricks used by car insurance adjusters:

  • While it might appear that the car insurance adjuster is on your side, they always have their own best interests. Keep in mind that they are evaluated by their companies by the amount of money they saved for the company. This is the reason why they will always try to reduce your settlement amount, while assuring you that they will get you a fair settlement.
  • You will be advised against getting a lawyer and they will try their best to get you to agree to their offer before you hire one. An experienced attorney is aware of all the tricks used by insurance companies and knows how to negotiate with the adjuster to get you the best possible figure. Therefore, they will always portray that there is no need for you to hire a lawyer.
  • The adjuster might request for a recorded statement, while it might appear like an innocent request, you must be cautious. Many insurance companies try to catch you making a statement or comment, which could devalue your claim or help them in denying it.
  • You might also be asked to sign an authorization that will give your adjuster the permission to get all the medical records. This allows the insurance company to attain personal information about you, which can be used against you to discredit your injury claim.

Other tricks used are:

  • The insurance adjuster might offer you a settlement on the spot in exchange for signing a full release. This would mostly happen at the accident scene or right after, not giving you enough time to clearly think about it. You could end up agreeing to a settlement far less than you actually deserve.
  • The company could also delay the payment of your claim so you would have to struggle with the medical expenses and lost wages for a long duration without any compensation. By this, the insurance adjuster is hoping that all the financial pressure will make you agree to a lesser figure.
  • The adjuster would also try to dispute the medical needs and damages by attributing them to pre-existing condition. Even though the insurance adjusters are not qualified or medically trained to make such claims.
  • The insurance company can use various means to limit or deny liability to pay for your claim. The adjuster might hold you responsible for the accident or try to prove that another party was at fault.

Car Insurance company | Personal Injury Lawyer 

These are some of the most common tactics insurance companies use to either deny or reduce compensation claims. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult a personal injury lawyer who can fight for your case and seek compensation. Attorney Javier Marcos is ready to help 24 hrs. He is an accident lawyer in Texas that can help with any accident case. Consultation is free, there is no payment unless we win the case, we go to you and we all speak spanish.


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