An accident is defined by Wikipedia as an unintended event that was not directly caused by humans. Simply, accidents are caused by two factors: an unsafe act or an unsafe condition. The term accident implies that no one should be blamed. Very few accidents are truly unavoidable. Although accidents are unintentional, they are typically caused by people who are distracted or not paying enough attention. Other accidents are caused by unsafe conditions as a result of poor construction or inadequate safety precautions. Car crashes are not truly accidents in the exact definition. Wikipedia implies that the automobile industry coined the term as a form of media manipulation.

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Accidents
  2. Common Causes of Accidents
  3. Injuries Caused by Accidents
  4. Personal Injury Law and Accidents
  5. Accident Statistics in Texas

Types of Accidents

Accidents by Activity

These types of accidents occur during physical activity by a person.  Work accidents are caused by unsafe acts or conditions at work. Different occupations have varying levels of activity. The injuries that can be sustained by accidents at work can be minor to deadly. Work related accidents and occupational diseases is thought to result in over two million deaths worldwide each year. Work related accidents are by far the largest segment of accidents by activity. The other activity is leisure activities which sports related injuries from accidents is the next largest segment. In many cases, unsafe conditions contribute to accidents by activity.

Accidents by Vehicle

Accidents caused by motor vehicles are typically caused by unsafe acts by drivers. Car crashes are not accidents in the strictest sense of the word. The automobile industry started using the word accident in relations to cars and trucks to indicate that the crash was unavoidable thus mitigating the impact of vehicle related deaths.  Car and truck crashes are very common. Many of these do not result in serious injuries but a large number do cause significant bodily harm. Fatalities due to car crashes are on the rise due to many factors including growing population and higher speeds on the roadways. The use of cellular devices and other causes of distraction has led to a spike in accident by vehicles. The types vehicle accidents by include cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, ships, bicycles and trains.

Common Causes of Accidents

Accidents at Home

Accidents at home are typically caused by falls, poisoning, burns and electrocutions. These accidents may be caused by unsafe conditions that arise from poor manufacturing or product defects. Falls may result from poor housekeeping practices that can cause tripping hazards in the home. Accidents in the home are typically minor in nature.

Accidents at Work

By far, the majority of accidents in the workplace is caused by falls. Many instance of falls can be attributed to the worker being distracted.  Work accidents account for a significant amount of injuries and deaths due to accidents by activity. Safety is a primary concern at the workplace. Equipment failure or defects can also contribute to accidents. Workers Compensation laws help to get employees the medical help they need but also shield employers from lawsuits. All workplace accidents should be reported to a central agency that tracks workplace accidents and injuries.

Accidents on Premises

Accident that occur at places people visit to shop or play usually involve slip and falls. These are preventable accidents with proper warnings in place. Distractions can cause many accidents in premises falls. Store and business owners have a duty to protect people from having accidents in their place of business. Many accidents on a premises can be caused by poor lighting, walkways or construction.

Injuries Caused by Accidents

Vehicle Crash Injuries

Minor accidents involving car or truck crashes usually results in minor bruises and whiplash. Serious car accidents can result in long-term or permanent disabilities or death. In high-speed car crashes, you will have trauma to the entire body due to the energy that must be absorbed by the vehicles but most concerning is head, neck or spinal cord injuries which are common.

Workplace Injuries

Since falls are the most common workplace accident, typical injuries include dislocation of extremities, broken bones, neck and back trauma.  In the construction workplace, accidents involving falling objects can cause severe head trauma.  Electrocutions and burns are common injuries  sustained in the workplace. Injury types and accidents vary widely depending on the industry.  The industries with the most injuries include construction, first responders, refinery and chemical plants.

Premises Injuries

Whether you are shopping in your favorite store or going for a movie, accidents can and do happen.  Slip and falls is the primary accident type in these places. Slip and falls result in dislocations, abrasions and lacerations but can also have broken bones or severe injuries like head or neck trauma.

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